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RS11, also known as “RS-11” and “Rainbow Sherbert #11,” is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Pink Guava with OZK. RS11 is more relaxing than energizing. Consumers who have smoked this strain report feeling calm, sedated, but still mentally alert. We can ensure this is the best weed in Thailand.The flavor profile is extra fruity with hints of sour citrus. RS11 flower provides a smooth smoke and a lingering sweet and spicy aroma. Medical marijuana patients say they smoke this strain when experiencing mild pain.

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Are you looking for a new and exciting strain of cannabis to try? Renowned for its potent and enduring effects, this exceptional strain promises a robust and sustained high, ensuring a euphoric and tranquil experience that lingers delightfully. With its potent blend of THC and other cannabinoids, RS 11 is the perfect choice for those seeking a truly exceptional cannabis experience.

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Our RS 11 strain is available in a variety of different products, including pre-rolled joints, vape cartridges, and delicious edibles. No matter what your preferred method of consumption is, we have an RS 11 product that’s perfect for you.

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